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Time to Change in Chemistry

MYD GRUP AŞ. is established in the city of Bursa, which is the center of the textile industry in Turkey, under the leadership of chemical industry experience for more than 25 years in order to offer strong R&D, quality production, fast distribution, professional technical services with a team understanding for production of textile pre-treatment, textile dye and printing chemicals, lubricants, non-woven auxiliary chemicals, fiber chemicals, leather chemicals, industrial cleaning chemicals and other special chemicals and to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction.



Customer orientation

Our customers are our motivation source. We start all our processes with customer needs and demands. While working with our customers, our priority is to establish an understanding of a long-term business partnership.


The trust relationship between MYD staff and our customers is influential in all processes. Working with this understanding allows us to produce solutions in a short time.We care diligently to avoid losing trust of our customers.

Solution Partner

Our goal is to be a long-term solution partner of our customers in our enterprise that we call "Solution Center.” We provide chemical consulting services with our team working as solution engineers and our team is ready to produce solutions to any technical problem even at your night shift.

Flexible solutions

Thanks to our strong R&D and Technical Services, we offer alternative solutions to our customers. In both creating new products and working on existing product performance enhancements, we adopt flexible work principles. What really matters is to improve the production performance of our customers and play an important role in the quality of the products they produce. Therefore, we support all of our solution suggestions with business practices.

Customer References

The references from our customers who prefer our products and services, is our biggest honor.

Wide range of products

We are at your service with a wide range of products that performs in ecological, environmentally sensitive yarn-fabric, lubricants, fibers, leather and industrial chemicals groups in accordance with the legal regulations and standards.

Standard product continuity

Our raw materials are supplied by reliable domestic and foreign suppliers and used after approval by our international project partners, which are accredited organizations, so that our products are not affected by raw material changes.